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Lebanese Tech is a curated directory of organizations, people and resources related to Lebanon’s tech ecosystem.

Our mission is to help you amass all of the possible information and knowledge that you might need regarding all tech and startup matters occurring in Lebanon in a way that makes sense.

We are a group of self taught, self funded and self motivated creative entrepreneurs and geeks who wanted to learn about the tech ecosystem in Lebanon. While doing our research, very little information was available, and most of it was scattered. So in the midst of this disarray, an opportunity presented itself to us to bring forth a harmonious and organized solution for the chaos.

So we decided to take the initiative of organizing the data and have it available to anyone who wishes to participate in our tech ecosystem.

Here’s where we stand today

  • 235 organizations have been added so far
  • A total of 197 entrepreneur, geek, investor, advisor, consultant, mentor, etc… They are the awesome people of our ecosystem
  • Relations between organizations and people have been recorded, making it easier to connect the dots


  • We aim to create a community that can interact, update and teach each other with all matters related to the ever evolving tech world.
  • We also aim to always keep our techies and entrepreneurs informed and up to date with all the upcoming events, that could benefit and educate us.
  • To become the “to go to place” when it comes to all information regarding tech news.
  • We also want to provide all information regarding job and internship positions available in one place, so to make job searching and the hiring of potential employees more efficient and easier.
  • We’re also planning on launching a newsletter that will also keep you updated on all that you need to know.
  • You’ll also always be in the loop of what news and projects are trending and buzzing with our BUZZ section, by a system that will compile all information from the social media networks in one place.

Meet the team

The boss
(aka Mohammad Mardini)
The designer
(aka Hiba Yassine)
The socialista
(aka Laila Mardini)
The copywriter
(aka Jana El Hindi)
The geek
(aka Mr. B)

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Curated Directory of Organizations, People, and Resources related to Lebanon's Tech Ecosystem

You can reach us by email at contact@lebanese.tech